Calculate Your ROI

We offer investors two investment models in our business which are detailed below:

  1. Equity Model: Allows Individuals to invest in a pool secured by a first mortgage and enjoy a 25% to 35% of the net deal equity to be split amongst the class of Investors. The details of this program are provided in our Investor Prospectus you can download at the link above or conveniently view online in the same window.
  2. Debt Model: Allows Individuals to invest securely and dependent upon the amount of said investment to enjoy a 10% to 12% simple interest annual percentage yield.

Investments of up to:           $99,999.00 receive a 10% APY
Investments more than:      $100,000.00 receive a 12% APY

Please note: The average hold time on an investment project is normally 6 to 8 months

Below you can use the convenient investment calculator to see what a potential return would look like on any debt model investment.