Chander P. Singh, Esq.

Chander P. Singh, Esq.

Chander P. Singh, Esq.

Founding Partner

The Company has an experienced management team led by its President and CEO, Chander P. Singh, Esq. Mr. Singh has been involved in NY and NJ real estate for the past twenty (20) years, first as a Real Estate Sales Associate, then Broker. He holds a B.A. in Accounting and Juris Doctorate in Law from St. John’s University.

In 2001, Mr. Singh started his own law firm specializing in real estate, whereby he managed and closed over 3500 residential and commercial real estate transactions within NY and NJ. During this time, he represented a wide and varied array of real estate investors giving him an intimate insight into what it takes to operate a successful real estate investment business.

In 2011, Mr. Singh spearheaded management of FC Investments Corp. (“FCI”). Under his guidance FCI in its first 33 months of operations remodeled and resold 30 homes, generating $14,186,000.00 in gross sales. This was supported by over $10 million dollars in private equity raised by Mr. Singh. By utilizing his extensive knowledge of transaction structuring plus advanced real estate techniques and coupling same with acquired tactical guerrilla marketing strategies, streamlined business processes, and aggressive sales techniques, the Company has steadily scaled and grown within the distressed real estate investment arena.

It is that knowledge, experience and techniques that Mr. Singh continues to employs as President and CEO of SC Capital Investors LLC.