Denise Zaft

Denise Zaft (AKA Rokach)

Denise Zaft (AKA Rokach)

Strategic Investment Advisor

As one of New Jersey’s most successful and esteemed real estate experts, Denise Zaft has been the driving force behind many of the county’s most impressive real estate deals in recent memory, as well as the success of SC Capital Investors, LLC. Her broad knowledge of real estate market dynamics combined with a genuine commitment to enriching all parties has helped establish Denise as the investment expert of choice for buyers and sellers who want the most out of their next real estate transaction.

Denise can draw on a wealth of life and professional experiences to help her complete even the most challenging and complex negotiations. After receiving her degree in Special Education and Teaching from Southern Connecticut State University, Denise honed her skills as an educator in Florida. She transitioned to a sales position at D & R Enterprises, where she expanded her professional sales network to include the retail operations of fortune 500 companies. Denise has also operated several proprietary enterprises and run for public office on the ticket of Bill Pascrell.

For the past two decades, however, Denise has worked in real estate, specializing in the sale of residential properties and the lease or sale of commercial real estate. Leveraging her penetrating insights of the market, Denise has helped her clients optimize their investments whether it is through timely sales or positioning their property for rental or lease. Nothing brings Denise more joy than creating successful WIN/WIN situations for all involved in whatever transaction she is involved with.

Denise understands that her clients are eager to earn the most out of their large investments, and she is tireless in her efforts to make those expectations a reality. In joining the SC Capital Investors team, Denise has pooled her vast expertise with an energetic team that shares her desire to help others achieve and reach their goals for financial security.