Victor Cardona

Victor Cardona

Victor Cardona

Finance and Investment Director

Victor Cardona is a singular figure in the New Jersey business community. Despite his youth, Victor has been a highly lauded executive in the marketing, IT, telecommunications and real estate fields. With the unique ability to understand enterprise needs and objectives at the macro and micro level, Victor is capable of generating large scale revenue opportunities in every position he has filled.

In his current role as Finance and Investment Director for SC Investments LLC, Victor has transformed this company into one of the state’s most dynamic and competitive real estate groups. His brilliant leadership has guided his company to new levels of prominence, making SC Investments a major player in the real estate community. His strong relationships with major business figures has helped vault SC Investments into the upper tier of real estate companies, while his keen insights into marketing, investments and client engagement have cemented the company’s reputation as one of New Jersey’s most trusted real estate service providers.

Victor has honed his vast arsenal of management and business skills while working with some of the most esteemed companies in the country. He has served as District Manager for Somerset Sales, Senior Account Executive for Ricoh Business Systems, Regional Business Director at One Communications, Metro Ethernet and IT Infrastructure Fiber Advisor for Comcast, and CEO of Jireh Investment Group. His unbroken line of professional successes has made Victor Cardona synonymous with hard work, competitiveness, professionalism, and unparalleled genius.

In addition to his outstanding qualities as a business leader, Victor is also a devoted family man and community advocate. He bases all of his decisions on his faith in God and his love for his family, friends and neighbors. His enormous commitment to those around him is evident in his involvement in organizations like the National PKU Alliance, North Jersey Regional Chamber of Commerce, and New Jersey Technology Council.